Manufacturing for the automotive industry is becoming increasingly robotized.

All business processes in the digital transformation phase.


The Kety Group celebrates 70 years of operation.


Two new certifications have been obtained: the ISO 50001 certificate and the ISO 3834-2 welding certificate.

The company receives the certificate Socially Responsible Employer and the award for the Best Employer in the Podravje Region.

The number of employees has exceeded 400.


The company celebrates its 75th anniversary and is awarded the Family Friendly Company certificate.

With new customers from the automotive industry, series production of aluminium components for vehicles is guaranteed in the period 2022-2029.


The company successfully weathered a year characterized by the Covid-19 epidemic, also with state support.

ISO 14001 certification and transition to ISO 45001.


This year, IATF 16949 and OHSAS 18001 certification were successfully acquired, and the company obtained AEOC allowance.


The company celebrates 70th anniversary and enters in 100 % ownership of the company Aluform Spolka, z. o.o., Poland, a subsidiary of Grupa Kęty S.A. With this arise new perspectives and possibilities for realization of the vision and the mission of the company.

November: Rename the company Aha Emmi d.o.o.  into Aluminium Kety Emmi d.o.o.


Rename the company Lesnina Emmi d.d. into Aha Emmi d.o.o


One of the most up-to-date lines for anodizing in Europe began its path, in first line intended for special effects of anodizing the aluminium. The number of employees rose to 250. The company celebrates the 60th anniversary of its existence.

November: The company AHA Aluminij d. o. o., Poljanski nasip 6, 1000 Ljubljana becomes the main shareholder of the company Lesnina Emmi d. d. , which still continues to follow the outlines vision of the company


Aluminium is the metal of the future and the company has planned its future path boldly whit a wish to continue paving its story with aluminium as a recognizable player on the playground of the world market. »To become the European centre of excellence for complete technological solutions of aluminium components« is the company’s vision, and for the fulfilment of its mission »For aluminium with glance« the company made a decision of building and putting in operation its own anodizing plant for the surface treatment of aluminium.


The company Lesnina Emmi presented itself for the first time as an independent exhibitor on the biggest world aluminium fair in Essen, Germany.


The company gained the quality standard certificate ISO9001:2000. A new, up-to-date presentation catalogue of the company is issued. 


The company gained status of authorized exporter, the manufactures goods are customs cleared in the company itself. New CNC processing centres, saws, CNC milling machine, welding robot, bending machine and de-burring machine were purchased. The palette of products includes besides the individual different aluminium components also demanding finished products. The buyers do not want just mechanic treatment, but also complete technological solutions. The company systematically developed in construction and development. They added completion with other materials (wood, textile, plastic mass, glass), surface treatment and packing for the end user to the mechanic treatment. The production of garden furniture is a good example of such production.


The production programme of the company expands to the production of aluminium garden furniture. The number of employees rose to 180.


The company gained the quality standard certificate ISO9001:1994.


The decision of the Management of Ljubljanska borza, d. d. (Stock exchange) about starting trading in open market (OTC) becomes valid which enables organized trading with shares of the company Lesnina Emmi. The company celebrated the 50th anniversary of its existence. 


The company was privatised in accordance with the “Law on ownership transformation”, entered in judicial register as a Joint-stock company with 882 known owners. The production of different aluminium products for the industry of office furniture and white goods becomes more extensive.


The company gained the quality standard certificate ISO9001:1994.


In the middle of January the Republic Slovenia was acknowledged by the European Union. Lesnina Emmi strengthened its position on the demanding aluminium markets in west Europe. The important long-term business partner became the Austrian company for cooling devices Austria Haustechnik, for which the company produces aluminium frames.


Slovenia goes to the path of independence – the Republic Slovenia.  The administration of the company Lesnina Emmi succeeds to ensure that their foreign buyers receive the ordered goods in time.


The new production hall was finished and here the tennis rackets for the Belgium company SNAUWAERT started to be produced and this went on up to the years 1992/1993.


The company Lesnina TODZ EMMI moved over to the newly constructed production halls within the industrial area in Slovenska Bistrica. They purchased a brand new line for forming and welding of aluminium coils. Important products of the company are aluminium distance products produced for the German partner Helima Lingemann. The company’s administration even strengthened the west European focus of business and the majority of market activities were still going on in the markets of previous joint country. 


The company EMMI jointed the LESNINA COMPANY, an association of various enterprises involved in the production, engineering and trade with wood, furniture, internal equipment and other programmes. The company became the supplier of some West European companies due to DO Lesnina – foreign trade.


Emmi celebrated 25 years of its existence. 150 employees were engaged and it was the biggest company of wood-manufacturing trade in Slovenia. 


The company acquired additional registration of activity, i.e. production of all kinds of aluminium products. The company purchased equipment for forming of metal strips by means of cold rolling, and it also started to process pressed aluminium profiles, at first mostly for the companies with household equipment. The number of employees grew to 150. The aluminium story of today’s Aha Emmi Company began. 


The company expanded its packaging production programme. The Maribor Company Primat became on of the bigger Slovenian buyers such as the company Gorenje and Impol.. 


The company was renamed into Embalaža in mizarstvo (Packaging and joinery) – EMMI and with adaptation and building of the premises alongside the castle/town park improved its working conditions


To cutting of logs also the joinery was added. Own box-making unit, which operated within Impol factory till then, was formatted. 30 people were employed.


The company was renamed into Local saw and did not deal with selling of wood anymore, but it only cut other company’s wood and produced wooden products.


The beginning of today’s Aluminium Kety Emmi goes back to year 1946 when the workshop called Žagotrgoles was founded in Slovenska Bistrica. The company dealt with buying and selling of wood, sawing and production of wooden cases by special orders. It employed 7 people.