Standard ISO 50001


At the beginning of the year, we added a new one to the list of standards - ISO 50001.

The great pressure on companies to become more energy efficient and manage resources more efficiently is proof of how important energy efficiency is becoming. In addition, customers are increasingly asking for assurances from organizations that they are environmentally responsible and able to demonstrate energy efficiency.
Conserving energy and technology is only part of the approach to improving energy efficiency. Systematic management and approach have now become the core of efforts to improve energy efficiency. The purpose of ISO 50001 (EnMS) is to enable organizations to establish the systems and processes needed to improve energy efficiency. They are based on continuous improvement and the PDCA approach (Plan-Do-Check-Act), which are also used in the quality management system (ISO 9001) and environmental management (ISO 14001). They ensure coherence and integration of opportunities. The implementation of these standards has led to a reduction in energy costs, greenhouse gas emissions and a reduction in the negative impact on the environment.


ALUMINIUM KETY-ISO 50001-CERT-Certificate-SLO-11022022 (1).pdf