Richer for a welding certificate


At the end of 2022, we added ISO 3824-2 certification to our list of certifications, laying the foundations for a controlled and monitored process from enquiry to execution …

With the ISO 3824-2 welding certification, we have established the conditions in production to achieve a high quality of welding work to meet the requirements of customers with welded aluminium component needs.

Welding as a manufacturing process is a common and usually indispensable way in industry to join individual metal parts into semi-finished or finished products. Aluminium welding is not unfamiliar to our company, as it has been carried out for many years, both manually and by machine, i.e. with a robotic cell, and the quality has so far been ensured by certified welders and strict quality control of the work carried out.

The increasing demands of our customers, the increasingly demanding products and, above all, our desire to be even better have led to decisions: to obtain welding certificates, to educate and train our employees in welding, and to invest in new welding equipment – a new robotic cell, which is planned for as early as 2023.

We believe that this will increase the trust of you, our customers, and enable us to realise new joint projects.